4 Key Legal Considerations When Choosing Your Restaurant’s Location

This article was originally posted on Boston Magazine.

Starting a new restaurant requires months, if not years, of planning. From concept to financing, location scouting to staffing, the number of tasks is countless, and the hurdles never-ending. The most difficult issues arise not from the things you expect, but from the unknown and unanticipated like asbestos discovered during renovations or the obscure permitting hang-up that delays your opening. Here are a few important things to consider when choosing your restaurant’s location.

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Adam Barnosky is an attorney and co-lead of RIW’s Hospitality & Retail Services Practice Group. Adam represents chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, brewers, and entertainment facility operators in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. He can be reached at arb@riw.com, 617-570-3519, or on Twitter @adambarnosky.

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