Ruberto, Israel & Weiner’s Business Divorce team has deep experience in this challenging and often tension-filled area. We utilize a multi-disciplinary team of lawyers from our Corporate, Tax, Trusts & Estates, Litigation, and Mediation groups to develop practical business solutions to the broad range of complex problems involved in business breakups. When necessary, we call upon our network of highly qualified outside resources such as financial planners, valuation experts, and even public relations professionals to provide additional assistance as needed.

Early identification of key issues and quick action can minimize costs, business disruption, and emotional toll. Our goal is to resolve disputes as quickly as possible. If the corporate divorce is drawn out over a protracted period of time, we work diligently to protect our clients' financial interests, to limit their liability, and to preserve business value and viability.

We employ a variety of strategies including buy-outs, sale, reorganization, and division of assets. Our team is highly skilled at navigating the usual legal, tax and accounting complications of any business dispute, while balancing the unique set of emotional issues that accompany disagreements among principals or shareholders. We are adept at untangling even the most complex ownership interests, and excel at guiding our clients to a successful outcome.


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