Ruberto, Israel & Weiner’s Construction Law Group knows how to manage the unique demands of the construction industry. We help our clients navigate all phases of their projects from bidding and contract formation, to performance and payment issues, through to project close-out, approvals, and occupancy. We advise on insurance and project-financing issues, analyze and assess risks and claims, and ensure that our clients’ interests are appropriately protected. When disputes arise, we are strong advocates for our clients and are committed to achieving a favorable result in as efficient a manner as possible.  RIW represents developers, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, suppliers, and sureties involved with both public and private projects.


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RIW’s Construction Law Group  offers the following services for our clients:

  • Assist with construction and development entity formation.
  • Prepare, analyze, defend, and prosecute construction claims, including contract balances payment disputes, change order disputes, scope of work issues, mechanic’s lien claims, surety bond issues, delays, disruptions, and terminations, warranty claims, defective construction and product issues and employment disputes.
  • Advise clients on best practices for streamlining and optimizing administration of projects and risk avoidance.
  • Prepare and negotiate design and construction contracts such as AIA and ConsensusDocs.