RIW Attorney Christopher Agostino Presents at National Institute for Coastal & Harbor Infrastructure Boston Harbor Storm Surge Working Group

On July 31, 2019, Ruberto, Israel & Weiner Attorney Christopher Agostino joined a panel of engineers, economists, and planners to present the case for a regional “Layered Defense” approach to protect Boston and surrounding communities from the effects of sea level rise and storm surge. RIW is a member of the National Institute for Coastal & Harbor Infrastructure (NICHI) and has both hosted and participated in NICHI’s Boston Storm Surge Working Group to discuss the benefits of an outer-harbor flood barrier in additional to other coastal infrastructure.

NICHI’s meeting focused on the cost savings that would be realized if an Army Corps rated seawall eliminated mandatory flood insurance for properties within flood zones mapped by FEMA. An Army Corps rated barrier constructed in the Boston Harbor could dramatically reduce the extent of flood-prone areas in and around Boston, thereby relieving property owners of the need to purchase expensive flood insurance. If you would like to learn more about NICHI and planning to address sea level rise as it affects Boston real estate, please contact Christopher Agostino at cra@riw.com.

Christopher R. Agostino is a shareholder and serves as business counsel to clients across a range of industries, including commercial real estate, construction, lending, manufacturing, hospitality, retail services, and transportation. Christopher can be reached at cra@riw.com or at (617) 570-3501.

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