RIW Litigation Team Argues Three Appeals in One Week

RIW’s Litigation Team, led by Chair Bradley Croft, argued three separate appeals – two before the Appeals Court and one before the Supreme Judicial Court – during a single week earlier this month. The cases included an appeal from a summary judgment which RIW secured for its general contractor client under the Massachusetts Prompt Payment Act, the first time a Massachusetts court enforced that law since its enactment in 2010. RIW litigator Roger Smerage assisted with the preparation of the appeals and handled one of the oral arguments before the Appeals Court. While RIW’s Litigation Department has extensive appellate experience, it is unusual for more than one argument to occur in such close proximity, let alone three in the same week.

Bradley L. Croft is Chair of RIW’s Litigation Department and can be reached at (617)-570-3506 or blc@riw.com. Roger L. Smerage is a member of RIW’s Litigation Department and he can be reached at (617)-570-3512 or rls@riw.com

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