Get to Know Trusts & Estates Associate Megan Dean

Megan Dean recently joined RIW as an associate in the Trusts & Estates group. Her practice focuses on estate and tax planning for individuals and families ranging from young clients who are beginning to acquire wealth to high net worth clients seeking to preserve multigenerational wealth.

Why did you become a lawyer?

I became a lawyer because I have always loved analytical writing and believed that just about every practice area of the law involves some form of sophisticated, technical writing. In trusts & estates, this writing ranges from drafting estate planning documents to preparing memoranda on tax-related research questions to corresponding with clients and their advisors in an informative yet accessible manner.

Tell us about your career path.  

I initially went to law school to become a litigator, but I stumbled into trusts & estates through an internship during my 2L year. I immediately become interested in the subject matter and the meaningful, personal nature of the work. I then pivoted on the type of law I thought I would practice and never looked back.

Tell us about your practice.  

Although the bones of many estate plans are similar, each client has his or her own finances, family dynamics, current goals, plans for the future, and wishes for the disposition of assets following death. All of these considerations are relevant in the estate planning process. I enjoy meeting with individuals and families to identify and understand their priorities to the greatest extent possible, which enables me to structure and implement an estate plan that best achieves their specific objectives.

Why did you choose the firm?  

I chose RIW because it was an opportunity to become an important member of a sophisticated estate planning practice. The size of the trusts & estates department – and the firm itself – requires associates to have significant responsibility and client contact, both of which I was seeking in a firm.

Tell us a fun or surprising fact about you.  

I spent my 1L summer as a law clerk in Honolulu, Hawaii.

What do you do in your free time?  

I spend most of my free time walking and playing with my Dachshund mix, Luke. I also enjoy reading, running, and watching what could be considered an excessive amount of Law and Order: SVU.


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