RIW Partners with Everybody Water

RIW is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Everybody Water to supply our internal conference room water.

Everybody Water’s packaging is fully recyclable and is made from renewable resources sourced from replanted forests. The cap is made from sugar cane.

This will reduce the amount of plastic waste generated, while a portion of the proceeds helps support clean water projects in countries where people don’t have access. This particularly affects women in developing countries who spend inordinate amounts of their time searching out clean water to the exclusion of other opportunities, education, etc.

Russ Stein, Chair of RIW’s Executive Committee, said, “The partnership helps advance a commitment to responsible environmental practices while supporting women entrepreneurs like the founders of Everybody Water.”

“We are thrilled to support RIW’s sustainability mission with our eco-friendly cartons while inspiring hope for women and girls in developing countries who deserve the opportunity for a brighter future through accessible clean water,” said Megan Hayes and Kimberly Reilly, Co-Founders of Everybody Water. “Furthermore, this collaboration reflects RIW’s dedication to being intentional in their choices, and proves that everybody has the power to make amazing change happen.”


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