RIW Hosts National Institute for Coastal & Harbor Infrastructure Real Estate Working Group

On March 13th Ruberto, Israel & Weiner Commercial Real Estate Attorneys Christopher Agostino and Michael Duffy hosted the National Institute for Coastal & Harbor Infrastructure (NICHI) at RIW’s office in downtown Boston. NICHI’s founder William Golden gave a presentation to a gathering of local and state officials and Boston-based real estate professionals about the impact of sea level rise and storm surge on the City of Boston and other communities surrounding Boston Harbor. NICHI’s purpose is to spread awareness regarding the need for and feasibility of regional storm surge sea gates and local coastal seawalls, known as the “Layered Defense” approach, to protect coastal real estate surrounding Boston Harbor. RIW is a member of NICHI and plans to host a series of lunch-and-learn events over the course of the year.  If you would like to learn more about NICHI and planning to address sea level rise as it affects Boston real estate, please contact Christopher Agostino or Michael Duffy or visit NICHI at www.nichiusa.org.

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